Revolutionizing real estate with a game-changing
software platform focused on agents

Staying organized and efficient is often easier said than done in the fast-paced world of real estate. Agents juggle a multitude of tasks, from prospecting to closing deals, all while navigating a complex network of clients, lenders, title companies, and more. Enter Trackxi, a ground breaking software platform founded by the visionary Vijay Gopalswamy and his talented team. With a mission to empower the real estate world, Trackxi is transforming the industry by simplifying and automating every aspect of an agent’s daily workflow. Trackxi also puts an end to boring old software that is clunky and expensive with its patent pending and intuitive design.

Vijay Gopalswamy, the brain behind Trackxi, is no stranger to the world of real estate, With 15 years of experience running a top producing agent team, Gopalswamy intimately understood the challenges agents faced daily. Frustrated by the lack of intuitive software solutions designed specifically for agents and transaction coordinators, he embarked on a mission to create a tool that would revolutionize the industry.
“I had a real need to have software for tracking my prospects and deals, and I found nothing that was designed for an agent and transaction coordinator,” Gopalswamy recalls. This gap in the market ignited his passion to develop a comprehensive solution that would simplify, automate, and professionalize every facet of an agent’s responsibilities.

What sets Trackxi apart from its competitors is its ground up and agent centric approach to the real estate business. Trackxi goes a step further than typical real estate software by providing agents with the tools to manage everything they encounter on a daily basis. This includes tracking prospects, managing deals, coordinating with contractors, cooperating brokers, lenders, title companies, and even managing passwords and tracking lockboxes all with one powerful, intuitive, and user friendly interface.
Trackxi provides 100% transparency and promotes collaboration among all stakeholders, from buyers and sellers to agents and transaction coordinators, lenders, title companies, and more. All the routine tasks are automated, so the agents don’t miss a beat in their business. Software that is developed for agents by the agents,

Trackxi can be used by agents, TCs, brokerages, mortgage loan officers, title companies, and anyone else who has a need for tracking prospects’ tasks or has a need for a reminder system. Trackxi users can cut down on unwanted interruptions up to 75% or more, so they can focus on dollar producing activities and gain a competitive edge.

An alumnus of Portland State University and local resident for over 25 years, Vijay says, “I want to put Portland on the Prop Tech map. Want to show the world, in addition to good beer & wine, we can also build world class software.”

Trackxi has received glowing reviews in the Real Estate industry from popular publications like, Portland Business Journal, etc. Recently Trackxi was ranked the #1 deal management tool by the editorial “The Close” competing against many long established platforms. See trackxi. com/news for more information.

As Trackxi continues to evolve and grow, one thing is certain: it’s here to simplify, automate, and professionalize real estate for everyone involved. For agents looking to streamline their workflow and stay ahead in this competitive market, Trackxi is a software worth looking into

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