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Brokerage President/CEO

Highly recommend this product

Summary : Our transaction support team utilizes this product every day to track all of our transactions. The visual workflow, variety of features and layouts make this product something I've never seen before. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs task or transaction management.
Reasons for Choosing Trackxi : Flexibility, value, visual, layout, simplicity of use, etc. etc.
Comments (Benefits) : We have been able to reduce the amount of time spent managing a transaction significantly. This is a product we use every day -all day to manage transaction work flow and time lines. We are having depended on it and again recommend this to anyone needing a transaction/task management program.

Trevor James

The close - Real Estate Writer

Best Overall Real Estate Transaction Management Software: Trackxi

Summary : There’s quite a bit to like about Trackxi. Beauty is in simplicity. It does what it’s supposed to do, and does it very well. Trackxi is a great solution for agents or teams seeking a budget-friendly, transaction-focused solution with basic CRM features. Once you’ve added in a transaction, you can easily create folders, a timeline website and connect with your contacts in one easy hub.
Reasons for Choosing Trackxi : This one takes some of the best features from other providers, like timeline websites and customer relationship manager (CRM) reminders, and packages them into a lightweight, easy solution.


Transaction Support Director

Transaction Support Team Loving Trackxi

Summary :The task management aspect of Trackxi helps us to stay on top of transactions and the share feature increases our level of transparency and accountability with the agents we work with.


Assistant Real Estate Agent

Easy to use and an unbelievable time saver.

Summary : Once you understand the basics of loading transactions and utilizing the templates, it allows for so much customization of your tasks that it really does feel like you can set up a transaction then pretty much forget about it. The daily emails with to-do tasks also helps a lot if you don't want to log in every day.
Reasons for Choosing Trackxi : More streamlined in it's setup and organization, plus it's currently focused on Real Estate specifically which is ideal of us. They have a larger focus on the needs of individual Agents vs the management of Brokerages, which is what most of the larger systems seemed to do.
Comments (Benefits) : The system is easy to use and can give you a huge gain in time spent on organization and upkeep, plus the development team and support have been very helpful and communicative when needed.

"Highly recommend this product"

Jason K


Trackxi Is What I Have Search High and Low For

Summary :Ease of use and lack of overwhelming complexity. It is close to the perfect CRM for "Prospects". It's an AMAZING platform for TCs & agents, especially if you like Spreadsheets!
Reasons for Switching : kvCORE was VERY complex and is not user friendly. It has many functions I didn't need and tried to perform tasks I did not want it performing. In my experience, it was very cumbersome, complex and had very limited usefulness.
Comments (Benefits) : Trackxi is exactly what I was looking for! I searched many options and ended up using one of the expensive "high end" CRM's that our company offered. I was VERY disappointed in that system. Moving to Trackxi was a breath of fresh air. It gave me transaction management that I didn't even know I wanted and gave me the perfect contact management system for prospects in my business. I would highly recommend Trackxi for any real estate professional that wants a simple system for managing prospects and/or transactions.


Transaction Coordinator

A valuable tool for our team.

Summary : Simple yet powerful. I love that you can intergrate templated and automate the entire experience. Trackxi helps save so much time when opening new transactions and our team is able to work together and stay updated across the board. Having a program geared specifically toward our needs has made the transition easy and pleasant.
Reasons for Switching to Trackxi : Trackxi us a real estate geared therefore we did not have to manually build out the program for our needs and the transition was much more seamless.
Comments (Benefits) :
I have really enjoyed using Trackxi. The support team has been great with taking suggestions and making the program even more helpful.


Real Estate Agent

Great Management Tool!

Summary :
I liked that it is a software created by real estate agents and TCs for real estate agents and TCs. It has what I need and use and very little of what I don't. I hate paying for features I never use.
Comments (Benefits) : Great product from people in the industry, I think it will be a good fit for many.


Transaction & Closing Coordinator

Trackxi Team Listens

Summary : The Trackxi team is always friendly and answers my questions, and listens to my suggestions to help improve their product for my business use. They also follow up with a summary of new improvements that I may not have thought of but definitely can be used in my profession.
Reasons for Choosing Trackxi : Price and also the customer support-definately.
Comments (Benefits) : Trackxi Team has been absolutely fantastic before I joined Trackxi and afterward too, which is refreshing while learning a new program. They listen to my questions, suggests call meetings, and then follows up with an email. 5-Stars!


Transaction Coordinator

Keeping My Team Organized!

Summary : What I like most about Trackxi is that it's a "one stop shop" when it comes to transaction coordination. Once you have the system set up for your team's preferences- you can track EVERYTHING: timelines, to-dos, projects, new client follow up etc.
Swtiched From :
Benefits : Working with Trackxi has been a breeze- every time we have a question or a need we're able to get help right away! The Trackxi team has also been very generous to take our recommendations/suggestions in to consideration.

Craig C Rowe

Technology Reviewer & Writer @

Summary : Trackxi is an app for managing all the little things that hamper progress between signature and closing. It’s more of an activity management solution, and it’s very good at it. Top selling points: a) Unique visual deal trackers b) Greatly reduces per-deal email c) Smart task management d) Client interaction e) Works alongside existing products There are also a couple of slick value-adds for day-to-day business, such as a password storage center, in-app video training snippets and listing lockbox manager that tracks box numbers and combinations. There’s a lot to like here. Full review here

My Home - a WFG Company

Williston Financial Group Company

Modern experience with very little learning curve.

Summary : If you’re a Real Estate agent, transaction coordinator, or brokerage owner and are tired of using checklists, spreadsheets, and antiquated software to manage your business, you need Trackxi – the core agent-friendly business management software. Forget expensive licensing fees and long learning curves – Trackxi is both an affordable and easy to use platform that keeps all of your real estate transactions up to date. Streamline processes and reduce anxiety with the power of Trackxi.
Reasons for Choosing Trackxi : Created by a broker with 13 years of experience in real estate. Free 30-day trial and no contract!.

Farah S

Principal Broker

Great client pathway management

Summary : I use this system for pre templated buyer and seller pathways during transactions. This help our clients receive a high level of communication and our team maintain an even flow high standard of service without dropping the ball


TC Business Owner

AMAZING platform for TCs & agents.
BEST TC Software Out There!

Summary : I love how we can customize each agent's task list and add additional tasks during the transaction. We are used to a robust spreadsheet, so this is similar in we can still get a 1,000 ft view, but we are able to customize it and be way more accurate than we could with our spreadsheet. This is the best there is out there for our needs and how we operate our business! It's an AMAZING platform for TCs & agents, especially if you like Spreadsheets!
Switched From : tcworkflow
Comments (Benefits) : Trackxi team has been amazing and really listens/values our feedback on changes that we have needed in Trackxi to make it work better for us! And it's really helped our business!

Malia Spencer

Writer - Portland Business Journal Inno

Summary : Trackxi helps to track tasks and offers visibility across the process of a sale for buyers, sellers, agents, lenders and title companies. It also has tools for agents to develop new business. Trackxi replaces old tracking systems that people have cobbled together from spreadsheets and other existing real estate software. It replaces what are typically manual systems that are difficult to scale. Trackxi also has tools for agents to develop new business. Full review here


Transaction Support

Trackxi is transaction management PLUS!

Summary : When using Trackxi, agents and admin can easily see what duties are due and already completed.


Principal Broker

5 stars all the way!

Summary : One of the things I love most about Trackxi is how it allows me to keep my clients informed about the progress of their buying or selling process. The software provides real-time updates, so my clients always know where they are in the process and can rest assured that everything is moving forward smoothly. I have been using Trackxi for several months now and it has made my transaction management tasks so much easier! The software's user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to use and helps me stay on top of all of my transactions, record-keeping. One of the things I love most about Trackxi is how it allows me to keep my clients informed about the progress of their buying or selling process. The software provides real-time updates, so my clients always know where they are in the process and can rest assured that everything is moving forward smoothly.Another great feature of Trackxi is its customizable fields and workflows, which allow me to tailor the software to my specific business needs. I can quickly and easily add new fields, change workflows, and adjust settings to ensure that the software is working exactly the way I need it to.Overall, I would highly recommend Trackxi to any business owner or organization looking for a powerful and easy-to-use transaction management software. Its features and benefits are truly top-notch, and it has helped me streamline my operations and provide better service to my clients. Five stars all the way


Mortgage Sales Assistant

Simple transaction timeline tool for everyone!

Summary :
It was easy to customize for use in mortgage. The team is always available to help and solicit feedback. I haven't worked with a more hands on company!


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