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Real Estate Agent

Client Management:  It’s just not any CRM. Trackxi is handcrafted specifically for Real estate agents by Real Estate Agents.

Task Management: Stay on top of all your deadlines and to-dos with Trackxi’s amazing task management system.

Templates: Create templates to automate your routine workflows and efficiently manage your transactions.

Automated Reminders: Set up automatic reminders for upcoming tasks, deadlines, and appointments to ensure that nothing gets missed.

Transaction Sharing: Share end-to-end overview of your transaction status with all parties. Provide transparency and develop trust with your clients.

Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Management: Keep track of all your transactions in one place. Easily manage all your transactions effortlessly in one place.

Team Collaboration: Work seamlessly with your team members, assistants, and brokers to significantly improve productivity.

Sharing & Communication: share transactions & key tasks with clients, real estate agents, lenders, title companies and other service providers so everyone can stay in the loop.

Automation: Automate your routine emails and transaction tasks using Trackxi templates. Saves you a lot of time and expedites your responses to all parties in the transaction.

Brokerage Owner

Cutting edge technology: To grow your business in the ultra competitive industry, your agents need next generation tools. Trackxi gives your brand a clear competitive advantage.

Customizable workflow: Brokerages can customize templates to match your own business processes, making it easier for your agents to follow your best practices.

Stand out: Your brand is special, your clients expect more, deliver ultra professional service using automated workflows.

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