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Marki Lemons - Profits Made Easy: Inside Trackxi's Game-Changing Solution

A common struggle among agents and entrepreneurs is the constant juggle between training, operational tasks, and maximizing profits. We find ourselves bogged down by mundane tasks like tracking contractors and constantly training new recruits.

Every minute spent on these activities feels like money slipping through our fingers. But what if there was a solution designed specifically to solve all these problems and more?

Enter Trackxi, a revolutionary platform created by agents, for agents. 

What exactly does Trackxi do? How efficient is it? Can it help with onboarding and training expansion?

In this episode, I am joined by the Founder & CEO of, Vijay Gopalswamy who enlightens us about Trackxi, the problems it can solve, and how it can help us to scale like never before.


The goal is to make the most money possible, not the most transactions possible. –Vijay Gopalswamy

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Owning your brand
    What do we focus on if we want to own our brand?

  •  The key in real estate
    What are the key components in real estate when it comes to training people?

  •  What does a bigger team mean?
    A bigger team means spending more time managing them

Guest Bio

Vijay has been in Real Estate for about 15 years. He owns one of the Top producing teams in Portland, Oregon. He is also a licensed Mortgage broker.

Vijay founded Trackxi in 2022 when he was not able to find a software platform to scale his business.

Trackxi offers an independent platform that helps Agents, Teams, and TCs organize their business and show their value to their clients. It can also be used for Mortgage brokers to track and manage their loans.

Find Vijay on LinkedIn @Vijay Gopalswamy

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