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MORE Realty is one of the fastest-growing independent Real Estate brokerages in the United States, with operations in four states and expanding. With over 900 real estate agents and efficient internal departments, such as Transaction Support, Marketing, and Accounting, we aim to provide the best value, cutting-edge tools, and clear processes to help agents thrive and grow their businesses.

With hundreds of active transactions on any given day, our team juggles multiple clients, properties, and transactions on a daily basis, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Despite our team’s efforts to manage their workflow with commonly available tools, it became a constant struggle. We were often overwhelmed, buried under a mountain of tasks and responsibilities, and found it difficult to prioritize work and meet deadlines across different departments.

Paul Knighton, President at MORE Realty

Paul Knighton, President at MORE Realty Inc.

When Trackxi presented a solution, it was a no-brainer. Trackxi is a real estate-specific product designed to manage the details that hinder progress between signature and closing, allowing agents to focus on what truly matters. Intrigued, we decided to try Trackxi and quickly realized it was exactly what we had been searching for. Trackxi’s task prioritization and management feature revolutionized MORE Realty. The software’s automation capabilities, including email templates and other tools, streamlined our transaction management process, saving us valuable time and eliminating hassle.

Moreover, Trackxi improved our collaboration with other real estate professionals, lenders, title companies, and all parties involved in transactions. The software serves as a central platform for communication and task sharing, ensuring everyone stays informed and on the same page. Since implementing Trackxi, our Transaction Support department has experienced significant reductions in transactional costs (up to 4 hours per transaction) and improved service to our agents & partners, greatly enhancing their experience with our brokerage.

Recognizing the value, we extended Trackxi’s availability to all of our agents. Our agents have embraced the tool and witnessed substantial benefits in their daily tasks, thanks to its task management, CRM, automated templates, and other useful features.

MORE Realty was also looking for a solution to streamline their new agent onboarding process, Trackxi was able to quickly create a simple template and solve our complex problem. Now multiple internal departments can share and collaborate on the onboarding process and keep the new agents fully informed.

Trackxi has made a significant impact on MORE Realty. Our team’s productivity has soared, allowing us to provide exceptional service to all our clients and partners. Finally, we can efficiently and effectively manage our workflow, thanks to Trackxi’s innovative design and excellent customer support. It’s remarkable how much difference a superior product can make in our professional lives. We highly recommend Trackxi to individual agents, high-performing teams, transaction coordination businesses, and other brokerage owners. Together, we can elevate the Real Estate industry with tools like Trackxi. For more information, visit Please feel free to contact me directly if you need any additional information at

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